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    The Honorable Sheffield Kadane
    Dallas City Hall
    1500 Marilla Street, Room 5FS
    Dallas, TX 75201-6390

    Re:    Please vote against Dallas United Crew’s construction of a boathouse at    
             White Rock Lake

    Dear Councilman Kadane:

    I am writing to you today to ask you to please vote against the proposed boathouse for Dallas
    United Crew (“DUC”).   The value of my home is tied to the neighboring parks.  The DUC
    boathouse will be an eyesore that will ruin part of the park.  The cumulative effect of more
    paving and more structures destroys the beauty of White Rock and lowers property values.  The
    City just abandoned paving the wild flower fields at Winfrey Point, and now you propose this

    DUC will ruin shoreline and block our lake vistas.
    We do not need more structures taking up shoreline and blocking the view from our picnic areas
    in White Rock Park.  The area that the DUC proposes to use is a beautiful grassy, tree-lined
    shore with a great view of the lake.  We do not want to have this view cut off by a security gate
    and the huge barge-like structure, approximately 293 feet by 195 feet (not including the 228-foot
    pier), that is proposed.  Yes, I have seen the architect’s drawings and I am not impressed.

    There are alternative facilities available for DUC.
    There are already terrific rowing facilities at the White Rock Boathouse, located near the
    spillway.  This is one of the largest rowing installations in the nation.  It is more than big enough
    to house the DUC.  There are rumors that Highland Park’s HP Crew, the predecessor to DUC,
    had an altercation with White Rock Boathouse management or members.  Whatever the situation,
    these are issues that can be addressed by mediation.  The fact is that there is space in the White
    Rock Boathouse to accommodate DUC.

    DUC and persons with disabilities
    DUC says that part of the reason it is spending an estimated $3 million on this facility is that it
    intends to help persons with disabilities including veterans.  We suggest that this could be done
    out of the White Rock Boathouse—using some of that money if appropriate.  It is important that
    they meet the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   

    White Rock Lake does not need more buildings along its beautiful shoreline.  White Rock needs
    open areas like our wild flower fields, and it needs unobstructed vistas. Please vote against the
    DUC boathouse.  In your reply, please let me know how you intend to vote, so I can tell my
    neighbors.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at [insert your phone number].

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